ore. a new collection of fine jewellery that combines rare and natural phenomena to create a cinematic portal to the cosmos. these extraordinary timepieces collide precious and extra-terrestrial materials to embody place, time and movement.
Lucy is our first piece: a hand-made ring fashioned from 18-carat gold, olivine crystals etched from Pallasite Meteorite and Vantablack®. Each ring has a connection to a single white dwarf star – giant diamonds in deep space weighing billions of carats. As Earth orbits the sun and the star reaches its zenith, the meteorite crystals within Lucy glow.
Lucy’s elements are shaped into an elegant spherical form that encapsulates gold-plated micro-circuitry. We work with fastidious hunters who comb landscapes to find Pallasite Meteorites that have crashed to Earth, and collaborate with master jewellers in London’s Hatton Garden to select, cut, and polish each piece to perfection.
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